night time

chuggin beers an all that tonight

"long intervals of sanity drove me insane"

Mad Thinker Music

Working on some new tracks

Not sure when they will be finished but i'll put em here.


on the real

it took me to sober up to see things different.
everyday im learning something new being sober its a new life
my mind was so distorted i would get so smashed waking up not even knowing what time i fell asleap or anything.
im not going back.seeing shit so clear now and i wanna say
i'm an indie person.
always have been and will be.
ive seen so many good people get seperated and so much tactics to create untrust in one another.
we need to wake up to the truth.most important we make the right decisions,any race we are all the same.
These are my thoughts alone.
God Speed

this haz been the worst month

got a fucking headache from it

green tea on deck

positive thought

There is too much negative energy these days from everyone.

I'm not talking about entertainment ect

i am talking about real life.

i truly feel we the people need to start spreading love for each other

not only in our relationships but for everyone,friends,family.

true love